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Starcom: Nexus - b4935264 - MULTi3 - GNU/Linux Native
Title Starcom: Nexus - b4935264 - MULTi3 - GNU/Linux Native Downloads 43 Magnet Download
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Starcom: Nexus - b4935264 - MULTi3 - GNU/Linux Native - jc141

Suddenly thrown into an unknown galaxy, you must explore, fight or befriend aliens and transform your ship from a small survey vessel into a powerful battlecruiser to unravel the mystery of the forces that brought you here and find your way home.

SETUP AND SUPPORT - Setup is not optional.
Game requirements
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.2 GHz+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 2 GB Direct3D 11 Capable video card or better

Other information
Languages: English, German, Russian
Language change access: In-game.

- Play without extracting, highly efficient usage of space through the use of DwarFS compression filesystem.

- All network activity of the game blocked by default, no data sent back to any third party.

- Filesystem isolation for the game files through the use of Bubblewrap. Read-only access to your personal files for the game.

Donations with Monero/XMR at: 4ABGQLAeAgiauvay11VRrWXRRtraRCU6oaC6uG9RUnNCHN4eepzWjEB6sHF92sUrSED5b8GyY7Ayh57R1jUdcKZg7is2DW3