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Space Trash Scavenger - b12679115 - ENG - GNU/Linux Wine
Title Space Trash Scavenger - b12679115 - ENG - GNU/Linux Wine Downloads 30 Magnet Download
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Space Trash Scavenger - b12679115 - ENG - GNU/Linux Wine - jc141

Grab your jetpack and explore procedural asteroid fields, derelict spaceships and abandoned outposts. Build your Space Rig to process scavenged trash. Craft, trade and fight your way home in this interstellar, open-world survival sandbox.

SETUP AND SUPPORT - Setup is not optional.
Game reqs
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Graphics: Desktop Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB or equivalent (integrated GPUs/lower spec mobile laptop GPUs not supported)

Other information
Languages: English*

- Play without extracting, highly efficient usage of space through the use of DwarFS compression filesystem.

- All network activity of the game blocked by default, no data sent back to any third party.

- Filesystem isolation for the game files through the use of Bubblewrap. Read-only access to your personal files for the game.

Donations with Monero/XMR at: 4ABGQLAeAgiauvay11VRrWXRRtraRCU6oaC6uG9RUnNCHN4eepzWjEB6sHF92sUrSED5b8GyY7Ayh57R1jUdcKZg7is2DW3