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Clive Barkers Jericho
Title Clive Barkers Jericho Downloads 50 Magnet Download
Sub Title Build 11267 [MULTi5] [ViTALiTY] [GNU/Linux Wine] Last Checked 2 hours ago
Type PC Game Date Uploaded 1 year ago
Total Size 3.2 GB Info Hash 0B805CD585C9FD3103FA5564B6B13379695CDD6D
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Clive Barkers Jericho
Build 11267 [MULTi5] [ViTALiTY] [GNU/Linux Wine]

johncena141 collective (tech support and projects)

Uses system wine. Have it installed.
Languages: english, french, german, italian, spanish

System requirements
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2400 +
Memory : 1 GB
Video Card : GeForce 6600GT / Radeon X1900XT
Free space on hard drive : 6 GB

Description :
Before Adam and Eve were created, God attempted to create a being in His image, and so became the Firstborn. Neither light nor dark, both terrible and beautiful to behold, it disturbed the Almighty, who banished this flawed creation into the Abyss. There, it waited and watched until it was able to reach out with its power into our world. Seven Sumerian priests met its arrival and fought to contain it, successfully entombing the place of its escape within a great ziggurat. Ever since that time, there would always be a secret order that would train seven warriors to await the Firstborn's attempts to escape. They would always disappear into the ruined city of Al Khalid that had been built atop this bedrock of strife and somehow succeed in banishing the Firstborn back to the Abyss. However, none of these teams have ever returned from their Mission.

The Firstborn would make four attempts to escape, each time taking back a piece of the earth to add to its domain. Fragments of time and space would form layers around Al Khalid, entrapping pieces of history within its walls from the time of the ancient Sumerians to World War II. Over time, other conquerors would arrive to claim the city as their own but eventually, the city was forgotten and buried by the sands around it.

The Department of Occult Warfare was created in the 1930s to combat the unexplained and meet Nazi Germany's own research into the paranormal. One of their most brilliant members, Arnold Leach, was recruited in 1962. However, his unscrupulous behavior and nature would eventually have him expelled. He was marked for assassination, and although the operation appeared to be successful, it seems he may have survived.

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